Offical Artwork
First appearance: Hebereke

Latest appearance: O-Chan No Oekaki Logic series

Species: Bird

Voice: Shigeru Chiba

Booboodori is a main character in the Hebereke series. She often loses her egg in most of the games and the player has to either retreave it back or defeat her to fly you to unreachable areas.


Booboodori is a purple bird who wears a metal hat and has a white center in the middle of his body.


Booboodori has a lot of handy moves. He can use his egg has a weapon to other players and can use his propeller to lift up players and then throw them.


  • In some artwork illustrations, Booboodori is sometimes drawn somewhat pink.
  • Shigeru Chiba, the voice actor for Jennifer and Booboodori is a highly praised anime voice actor.