Hebe and co. sinnce their debut have had a lot of cameos and references in different games made by Sunsoft

Journey To SiliusEdit

In the first stage you will come up to these posters which resemble either Hebe or the penguin character that looks like Hebe. However, since Journey To Silius was released before Hebereke, this may be a coincidence or not meant as a cameo. In addition, the word "Hebereke" is seen in the credits, which might be a reference to the series.

Journey To Silius Penguin Poster
Journey To Silius Hebereke Credit

Dodge DanpeiEdit

The game has a secret password, which is titled "Hebe", which is a reference to the main character of the series, Hebe. The password will let you view all the cutscenes seen in game.

Dodge Danpei Hebe Password


On the Sega Genesis port, level 18 is tiled "Sunsoft Special." The level shows Hebe, O-Chan, Sukezaemon, and Jennifer as obstacles for the Lemmings and a remixed version of the overworld theme from the original Hebereke plays too.

Lemmings Sunsoft Special
Lemmings SEGA Mega Drive Sunsoft Special-0

Lemmings SEGA Mega Drive Sunsoft Special-0

Benkei Gaiden: Suna No ShouEdit

A rare enemy you can battle in the game is Hebe himself. He has the highest exp and is very strong, so it won't be easy to beat him.

Benkei Gaiden Suna No Shou Hebe Enemy

Barcode WorldEdit

The game uses the barcode battler, which scans playable cards with codes. Some of these cards shows the main protagonists and different items seen throughout the Hebereke series. In addition, other Sunsoft characters and items appear as cameos too like Dead Zone, Madoola No Tsubasa, Blaster Master,and Mr.Gimmick.

Barcode World Cards

Albert OdysseyEdit

Hebe, O-Chan, Sukezaemon, and Jennifer appear as townsfolks throughout different town, where they help aid you.

Albert Odyssey Hebe
Albert Odyssey O-Chan
Albert Odyssey Sukezaemon
Albert Odyssey Jennifer

Hissatsu Pachinko ColectionEdit

While not a cameo in the game, Hebe appears on the exclusive controller for the game.

Hebereke Pachinko Controller 2
Hebereke Pachinko Controller

Yeh Yeh Tennis 2Edit

O-Chan sometimes appears on the court, with the Sunsoft logo beside her.

Yeh Yeh Tennis O-Chan On The Court

Shanghai Mobile 2001Edit

The Hebereke characters appear as who you are who you have to verse.

Shanghai Hebereke Crew

Shanghai Musume: Mahjong GirlsEdit

Many of the characters from the Hebereke series appear on tiles, alongside other Sunsoft series.

Shanghai Musume- Mahjong Girls Sunsoft Cameos

Penguin-kun Gira Gira WARS Edit

Hebe, O-Chan, Sukezaemon, and Jennifer from Sunsoft's Hebereke, was appears as DLC in the video game Penguin-Kun Gira Gira Wars.