Japanese Box Art
Hashire Hebereke Box Art
Developer/Publisher Sunsoft
Japan Release Date: December 22, 1994

Hashire Hebereke is a racing game released for the Super Famicom that was released in Japan on December 22, 1994.


The game has some similarities to Super Mario Kart but works very differently. You are able to choose one of eight characters Hebe, O-Chan, Sukezaemon, Jennifer, Booboodori, Pen-Chan, Utsuzin, and Unyoon. Each character has their own unique speed, abilities, advantages, and disadvantages. When you first get on the world map, you first treated with dialogue as part of the story. It will then tell you who you have to verse. Like Sugoi Hebereke, all of the courses are from a isometric view, which means your looking below. Each course is completely different to each other, as they introduce new elements to either dodge or explore. Instead of riding karts like most racing games, you actually run on your feet. The player can pick up items to try to help them or attack the players from winning the races. If you win a race, you go on to the next course. If you lose a race, it varies on whenever or not you move on. If you don't get first place, you have to at least top 2nd or 3rd place. Get 4th place and you lose the race and have to do the course again. Some races you are taken to a bonus stage, where you have to race players and dodge a big black ball from squashing you. One of the main goal of the bonus stages are to collect items, which you could use for later courses for your advantage. Winning or losing the bonus stage doesn't affect your winning streak. Once you have completed the first seven stages, you have to face clones of yourself, which if you do lose in any place under 1st, you have to do the course again. If you do go to the ending and finished all of the courses, the endings vary what character you use, as they are all unique and different. The game is also playable with 2-players where you can race each other. You can also play tag mode, which one of the players tries to tag the other players.

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