Due to the popularity of the Hebereke games, many pieces of merchandise were made for the Hebereke games to advertise the series.


  • All of the main characters in the series were made into plushies and keychain plushies.
  • Handbags with the 4 main protagonists and the Sunsoft logos are labeled on them.
  • White Hankerchiefs were made with the Hebereke characters plastered on them.
  • A big Hebe, the three main protagonists, and Popoons appear on a Hebereke-themed clock, where Hebe appears in the middle of the clock and the Popoons serve as the numbers of the clock 1-12.
  • O-chan appears as a little charm on a necklace with the Sunsoft logo labeled all over it.
  • Hissatsu Pachinko Collection is a video game series made for multiple platforms by Sunsoft (50-60 games in the series). The first game comes with a special controller, which shows a picture of Hebe is put on it.
  • Hebe and co. appear on some computer software by Suntac, which is related to Sunsoft
  • Sunsoft had made rings with the logo seen inside the case, and Hebe shown on the outside of the case.
  • Stickers of Hebe, O-Chan, Sukezaemon, Jennifer, and the unnamed cat creature were made.
  • The Hebereke protagonists appear on rulers.
  • Hebe was released as a mini figure, which may parts of his body can be dismantled like his head and internal stomach area.
  • A Hebereke themed puzzle was made, with many of the Heberke characters on it.