Offical Artwork
First Appearance: Hebereke

Latest Appearance: O-Chan No Oekaki Logic series

Species: Penguin/Human

Voice: Megumi Hayashibara

Pen-Chan is a antagonist in the Hebereke series. In the original Hebereke, she is a enemy in the polar regions who slides on ice and tries to run into the player. In later games, she plays one of the eight main characters. She's seen as a very quiet character who staggers or crys in front of other people and says the famous quote "This is what you deserve!"


Pen-Chan is a human who is dressed up like a penguin, much like O-Chan who is dressed up like a cat. She has shiny eyes, a white center in the middle, and has extra eyes on her suit.


Pen-Chan has a lot of moves that are very useful. She can do a penguin slide to knock down enemies, can perform a singing attack, and her crying can come in handy too.


  • The "Pen" in Pen-Chan's name is a abbreviation for Penquin.
  • Despite having that quiet personality in the series, she's more talkative in Hashire Hebereke.
  • Hebe and Pen-Chan might be the same species, as both are part of the Penquin species.
  • Pen-Chan's Hebereke Artwork actually shows her as a black penguin, but it should be blue.
  • Megumi Hayashibara, the voice for Hebe and Pen-Chan is a widely acclaimed voice actress/singer, who is known for voicing in anime.
  • In Hebereke's Popoon (Arcade)/ Hebereke's Popoitto, a penguin-shaped home can be seen in the background, which could be Pen-Chan's house.
  • While Pen-Chan wears a blue penguin suit, some games depict her with a purple penguin suit.