A Popoon is a character/object in the Hebereke series. They serve many purposes in the series like throwing projectiles, stacking, or characters.

Hebereke (Ufouria: The Saga)Edit

To get a Popoon, you have to defeat an enemy. It will either if you a Popoon or a little bit of HP. Popoons can used as throwing projectiles to defeat enemies, which they will fall out screen. Popoons are required for beating many bosses in the game like the unnamed mini boss, Muu Cat, and Unyoon. However, Popoons can only last a few seconds, as they disappear after there time is up.

Hebereke's PopoonEdit

Popoons serve different purposes after the first game. The player has to stack 3 or more Popoons in a row in any direction to destroy them. If you get multiple kinds of colors, you can achieve your special ability.

Sugoi HeberekeEdit

If someone loses all of their HP, they turn into a Popoon. The only thing that the player or the CPU can do is serve as a blocking obstacle that can cludder someone you prevent them from moving around vastly.

Hashire HeberekeEdit

If you or the CPU gets a Popoon bottle, it turns you or the CPU into a Popoon. It can make you go very slow for a short amount of time. You can also do a counter attack where if someone turns you or you turn them into a Popoon, you can counter attack the Popoon battle and reverse the results.

Hebereke's PopoittoEdit

The player has to stack the correct colored Popoon on the matching heads of the characters. This blows up the heads you get. Once you have gotten all of the heads, you have completed the stage.

O-Chan No Oekaki Logic SeriesEdit

A Popoon serves as a opponent you have to verse to move on to the next stage.