Takusen Hebereke Front Cover
Takusen Hebereke Back Cover
Japan Release Date: June 25, 1994

Takusan Hebereke is a soundtrack CD of all of the songs from the first three Hebereke games Hebereke (Ufouria: The Saga), Hebereke's Popoon, and Sugoi Hebereke. The CD also has Mr.Gimmick's soundtrack, which is a NES game by Sunsoft as well, which has gotten a lot of praise for it's elements, graphics, and soundtrack. It was released on June 25, 1994.

I want to listen to some Hebereke MusicEdit

Want to listen to Takusan Hebereke? You can go to the links here at, where you can listen to the demos of the CDs for free without download. Want to download the soundtrack, it's also downloadable too, but does cost just a little money. Here are the links.

CD1-Stringsong CD2-Stringsong

Soundtrack SongsEdit

Sugoi Hebereke-1:08 Sugoi Hebe World-1:38 For Some Reason-0:45 Duel-0:06 I am Oh-Chan-2:16 This Is Delicious Tea-1:30 Jenny's Rock'N'Roll-2:16 Whe...Where's The Egg-1:26 I Am Utsuujin-1:19 Come On, Pen-Chan-1:50 Mysterious Unpapi-1:32 Papyon Hebe-1:28 Game Over-0:06 Eye Catch-0:07 Silence Of Stars-1:06 Voice-1:48 Theme Of Popoon-1:15 Choose Me!-2:32 Hebe Popoon World-1:17 Dance! Hebe-2:00 Go Go Oh-Chan-1:50 Here's Sukezaemon!-3:55 Ugge-da Jennifer-2:06 I am Mister Unhoyn-2:21 Wobbling Pen-Chan (Unreleased)-2:10 Bobo's Forest (unreleased)-1:43 Victor You!!!-0:10 Lose...-0:10 Popoon For Tommorrow-2:06 Voice-2:28 Hebereke!-0:55 Hebe's Adventure-2:01 Hebe Underground-1:58 Hebe In The Sky-2:03 Hebe In The Parallel Area-0:26 Hebe In The Cold Area-2:01 Decisive Battle-1:11 Continue-1:21 Degyopli-0:10 Hehenda-0:11 Muu Cat Brothers-0:42 Here Comes Unyohn-1:06 Glorious Hebe-0:57 Hebereke The Delicious!-1:57 Hebe and Oh-Chan's Answering Machine-0:25 Good Morning-1:18 Happy Birthday-1:09 Aporia-0:55 Identity Believer-0:47 Good Weather-1:04 Long Tommorow-0:40 Slow Illusion-1:02 Paradigm-0:49 Good Night (Take 2)-1:42

Disc Length:73:14