This page tells the editors/admins what to do to add information to pages to the wiki and to improve information. Remember, no one is forced to edit or to do what's on this page, but it would be very helpful. Once a goal has been completed, it will be deleted from this goal, signifying that it is done. If you do know how to solve these goals, you can either put them in the comments, put it somewhere in the written sections in this list, or can add it to a page.


So we all know that Hebereke is very Japanese, well that causes a problem for the translations. Many characters and enemies have been shown their names according to instruction manuals and magazines, but many of these names haven't been translated into english. The goal is to translate their names into english so we can know more about them and can make pages about them. We also need to translate Sugoi Hebereke, Hebereke No Oishii Puzzle Ha Irimasen Ka, and Hashire Hebereke dialogue so we can understand what the game is saying. This includes menu Japanese text, story dialogue, Japanese text on stage blocks, and bad and good ending dialogue. The images are on the bottom. Note: never translate these names on google translate because most of the time, the words don't turn out right on Japanese text.



When you see something wrong or not correct or doesn't sound right, you can fix/increase the validility of the page. You can also add pages and information too that are not on the wiki already.


I understand the Infoboxes look weird. If you know how to set Infoboxes correctly, you can fix them up and add features to the Infoboxes as well.