Offical Artwork
First Appearance: Hebereke

Latest Appearance: O-Chan No Oekaki Logic Series

Species: Alien/Cat

Voice: Norio Wakamoto

Utsuzin is a antagonist in the Hebereke series. He appears as a boss in the original Hebereke and guards one of the three keys to stop Hebe and Co. In later games, he gets angry pretty easily by the words Hebe and O-Chan say, as seen in Hebereke's Popoitto.


To the original installment, Utsuzin is a yellow alien who wears a yellow antenna and rides a gray UFO where he sends down little Utsuzin babies. To the later games, he wears a gray costume and has two red antennas.


Utsuzin can do a bunch of moves. He can spawn little baby Utsuzins to attack players, can use his laser to hurt enemies around his area space, and rides his UFO to ram into people.


  • Utsuzin in some games is sometimes spelled "Utsu" or "Utuujin".
  • It could be theorized that Utsuzin is Muu Cat in disguise, as he has a orange face much like him, but it's unsure if that's true or not.
  • Norio Wakamoto, who is the voice actor for Sukezaemon, Utsuzin, and Unyoon, is a famous voice actor who voices in anime.